Tiger Sushi in Beverly Hills Offers a Roaring Menu

It was years ago that Jay Weston spoke up about Matsuhisa Restaurant on La Cienega. It soon became the spot for good Japanese dining in the late eighties. Now Weston brings accolades to a new restaurant headed by some former Nobu chefs. According to Jay, Tiger Sushi in Beverly Hills is the new place to find great sushi.

Now occupying the space where Lucky Fish used to reside, Tiger Sushi serves Pan-Asian fusion dishes, and of course, seafood. The décor is everything you want in a modern restaurant; it is sleek, minimalist, and above all–gorgeous. Guests have the option of dining in the front room, which spills out on to the street, or  to take a seat inside where custom-made designer furniture will begin the Sushi Tiger experience. If you are wondering where the name comes from, it was given for the year of the Tiger.

Tiger Sushi is a seafood lover’s dream, offering a variety of menu options including Japanese Seafood Chowder, Strip Loin & Foie Gras Sushi, octopus with a Peruvian glaze, and even Uni. Chef Luis Decasa, former Nobu chef, also offers up some tasty options for those non-seafood eaters.  Featured in the menu is the free-range chicken, filet mignon, and short ribs that are braised for eight hours and seasoned with Cohiba leaves–the ones used in the cigars.

Watch your sushi be made at the sushi counter, or opt for ordering something cooked. A master bincho chef cooks food over a smokeless 1,000 degree Japanese charcoal grill. Schedule a few trips to Tiger Sushi. With the variety available, there is just no way to fit it all into one sitting.