The Future or Non-Future of El Bulli

Ok, so as if we all weren’t confused before, now we are all ultra confused, almost ready to give up completely on the mindless guessing game that is El Bulli. First, Chef Ferran Adria wanted to keep El Bulli up and running. Next day, we’d read that in fact no, Adria had changed his mind and wanted to close its doors for a bit, and maybe update the menu, perhaps redo the kitchen. Well last Friday, the Times reported that he decided to shut El Bulli down completely, no ifs ands or buts. I said that was on Friday, right?

So today is Thursday and um, well, yeah, you guessed it-the game plan has changed once again. I’m exhausted just recounting all of this, much less thinking of how the next week may pan out. Adria told another paper that the Times misunderstood and misinterpreted what Adria said about the closing of El Bulli, so, he spoke with them again telling them that the interview was accurate but the report was definitely inaccurate. He tried to clarify by saying that “to say that El Bulli is ‘to close permanently’ … implies that El Bulli will cease to have any activity after 2014, and that is not the case.”  So that was supposed to clarify? Huh? OK, I got it…I think. So it will definitely be reopened by 2014 but maybe even before that. So I guess we all just sit around and wait for the next four years to see when it opens…if it does open…or maybe it doesn’t open…or…oh, forget about it. Who does he think he is, God of all chefs, Lord of all things culinary? He’s very talented, his food, great, but this little back and forth game has put me at the end of my rope. Personally I’m over it and at this frustrating point, I’m moving on to bigger and better restaurants and culinary teams. El Who? What was the name of the place again? Sorry Adria, your P.R. tactics just don’t work for me.