Tea Time: The Haute 5 Afternoon Teas in Los Angeles

You don’t speak often of crumpets, nor do you think constantly of tiny cucumber sandwiches and Devonshire cream, but that doesn’t mean you scoff at the idea of a tres civilized Afternoon Tea.  It’s very therapeutic to sit opposite a baby grand piano with your pinky outstretched and a porcelain cup of Mariage Freres in your hand – the problem is, outside the Ritz in Paris, it seems nearly impossible to have an authentic high tea experience.  One place may have tried their hand at ‘modernizing’ afternoon tea (the gall) where one may have forgotten strainers last time they poured your tea (imagine), so once and for all, we’ve compiled the list of Los Angeles’ 5 most haute Afternoon Teas.  Whether you wash down your scones with actual tea or with a glass of bubbly is entirely up to you.

The Living Room at the Peninsula Hotel

Perhaps Los Angeles’ most classic tea room, especially since the temporary closure of the Bel Air Hotel, the Peninsula Hotel’s Living Room is a light and friendly atmosphere where your Afternoon Tea is often met with a live harpist or pianist as well as a perfectly lit fireplace and an array of crystal chandeliers.  Their Imperial Tea begins with a Miniature Caviar Cake and Strawberries with Whipped Cream – not a bad way to begin anything, really.  Continuing on, you’ll devour Currant Scones, Egg Salad and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches, and finally indulge in Chocolate-Vanilla Profiteroles.  The requisite tea in your Afternoon Tea will, of course, be provided.  That is, unless you’ve ordered champagne.

The Living Room at the Peninsula Hotel is located at 9882 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills 310. 551.2888