Saints and Colts Take the Party to B.E.D

The party has officially begun. Now that the Colts and the Saints arrived in Miami, it is safe to say that Super Bowl festivities have now commenced. It is great to see that the teams are getting along so well, perhaps it is the warm air. If you live in Miami, Monday was the night to be out. The teams enjoyed a gourmet feast at Prime One Twelve and Prime Italian, and then headed over to B.E.D for the Secret Society Monday party.

Once inside, the Colts claimed the right side of the club, while the Saints took the left. I wonder if there was any name calling across the room. No pillows were thrown and no news on whether the war lines were ever crossed but a source reveals, “They were having a rose champagne war with sparklers.” By 4:30 a.m., the teams were ready to leave, and each returned to their respective hotels in their NFL chauffeured SUVs. Fancy stuff.