Ross Snags W’s Global Fashion Director Gig

Anyone who knows fashion knows that certain designers have played their hands in dealing with all types of business ventures, not simply all things textile-related. More specifically, I’m talking about designers and fashion brands partnering up with hotels to basically create their own, fashionably unique hotels. But now, for the first time ever, a more specific role has been created, a hotel’s Global Fashion Director role, played by W Hotels and Amanda Ross.

Ross will be the fashion designer for the hotel chain, serving as the designer in charge of staff uniforms and the overall look of the hotel, including the rooms’ designs. Ross said she feels Stella McCartney, Derek Lam, and Thakoon would make for great uniforms (Heck, at this rate, I’ll clean rooms at the W if it means I get to wear these designers!). She’s also collaborating on the design of Global Glam, fashion collections that will be sold exclusively through the hotel group’s 36 different properties.

Ross’ impressive resume includes styling for the TV series Lipstick Jungle, and stints working alongside designers Julien Macdonald and Dennis Brasso. The first property Ross will be taking charge of is the W Barcelona.

We can’t wait to see her work in action and the sure-to-be beautiful new additions resulting from her hard work in W hotels worldwide.

Congratulations to Amanda Ross! She’s about to show W Hotels how it’s really supposed to be done! As a side note, Miss sour-faced Victoria Beckham is supposedly following suit and is up for a similar position herself at a hotel on Dubai’s Fashion Island. Only time will tell of who does a better job. I’m placing bets on Ross myself.