Good Morning, Sunshine: The Haute 5 Breakfast Spots in Los Angeles

The Fountain Coffee Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel

For a classic, old-fashioned diner feel, without the smells that emanate from Mel’s, the Fountain Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel harks back to another era while you sip black coffee and order your second round of the famous Pecan Rolls. It’s a small room, just downstairs from the Polo Lounge and with bright green palm trees painted on the walls, pink napkins, white iron stools, and a curvy bar, it’s everything you and your vintage-y morning could ask for.  It’s unlike any other spot in the hotel and yet still feels perfectly at home there.  If you leave without eating their Hash Browns, you’ve made a mistake.

The Fountain Coffee Room is located in the Beverly Hills Hotel at 9641 Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills (310) 276-2251