Philippe Starck’s Revolutionair Turbines

French designer Philippe Starck has created two micro wind turbines for domestic use. Called Revolutionair turbines, they were made after two years of research by Italy’s Pramac.

Made of transparent plastic in the Tuscan city of Siena, the turbines can be placed in your garden or on the roof. They have a 400W WT model with a power output of 400W, and the helicoidal shaped 1 KW WT that can generate power of 1 KW when the wind blows at 45.93 feet per second.

Prices for these turbines start at $4,870, but installing one in your home would send you back $1,391 and $2,783, meaning that if a family needed three turbines, it would cost $17,396. The logic is that it would result in low electricity bills. Do you want one?