Partnering for Luxury Timepieces

Today is what they call a big news day in the world of luxury brands. We first got word of Steven Kamali Hospitality’s partnership with Quintessentially Estates earlier in the morning; now the news is spreading that Bedat & Co. has announced that Luxury Montres LLC will now be its exclusive distributor in the U.S.

Not familiar with Luxury Montres? You soon will be, if you are a true connoisseur of luxury timepieces. Johnny Wizman, who comes armed with a background steeped in Corum ownership, certainly seems up to job. Official word indicates that the newly formed distribution partnership between Luxury Montres LLC and Bedat & Co. “aims to combine resources to re-establish the Bedat & Co Geneva brand as a major force within the U.S. and Canadian watch markets, particularly in the women’s segment of the business. Bedat & Co, with its values deeply rooted in the unrivalled Swiss know-how of horology, is extremely confident that the well developed network and extensive experience of Luxury Montres will effectively carry on the distinctive Art Deco DNA of the brand in the North American market.”