Own It!

“I don’t make any money from having the Super Bowl here,” he explains. “The NFL sponsors everything, and I am just the host.” (He jokes that it even costs him money, as he has to host a lavish party for all of the NFL owners the night before the big game at the new Viceroy. During the event, some of the minority owners will be performing—such as Gloria Estefan, who will be singing “Are You Ready for Some Football?”) Ross stresses the benefits that the Super Bowl has on the community as a whole—more jobs, an influx of money, and priceless media exposure from around the world. During the entire Super Bowl week, news outlets will be broadcasting from the tropical city, catching the attention of viewers stuck enduring the harsh winter elsewhere. “We have such a great, fun city,” Emilio says. “You can do anything here—the weather is fantastic, you can go from swimming to clubs, to great restaurants, the whole variety of the city is fantastic.” This will lead to increased tourism following the big game, leading to even more money flowing into the community.

All of the owners of the Miami Dolphins are looking forward to welcoming the NFL and its merry band of followers to the city for Super Bowl weekend. But as Estefan says, “We hope next year the Miami Dolphins go to the Super Bowl!” He and Ross can rest assured that, thanks to their efforts, the entire community is behind them in their quest

Dolphins Mobile Vision

As part of Ross’ mission to enhance the fan experience, the Dolphins debuted this portable hand-held device during the 2009 season, complimentary to club level and suite ticket holders. “It allows fans to see all replays from multiple camera angles after every play,” explains Ross. “They can listen to the game, watch other games occurring at the same time, and get stats on a real-time basis.” The Dolphins are the only team in the NFL to offer this technology, and Ross’ goal is to offer it to all ticket holders, free of charge, starting next season.