N.Y. Coffee Gets a New Taste

For all of our coffee connoisseurs on the East Coast, I bring good news to the Big Apple.  San Francisco coffee makes its way East in the form of Blue Bottle Coffee, a well-known coffee café offering tasty sips and trendy style.  They will be opening a new bar and roaster on 160 Berry St., and they are already in place to open.  The location will offer New Yorkers the perfect blends of coffee and plenty of competition for neighboring coffee bars.

Blue Bottle Coffee offers the hautest espressos, lattes, and cortados while providing its consumers the most elegant coffee experience in town. The bar and roaster provides the best quality coffee because they invest in the best materials.  The excellence of the coffee comes from using the best tools of the trade such as their flannel filters, imported from Japan, and timeless San Marco Leva espresso machines.

Whether you are rushing from business meeting to meeting or enjoying some lavish shopping, Blue Bottle Coffee is surely the place to stop and pick up an energy boost.  Their products offer only excellence, the kind our readers are accustomed to having.  Imagine high ceilings supported by walls made of fine, custom woods, where you can rest on luxurious seating.  The fine décor, rising aroma, and body warming tastes arouse all of our reader’s finely trained senses.  Simply read your latest edition of Haute Living while you sip on some delicious coffee.