Maticevski: The Master’s Beautiful Oblivion

The Melbourne based fashion designer, Toni Maticevski, showcased his latest fashion genius today at the Altman Building located on West 18th Street in Manhattan.

It is no secret that Maticevski’s career has always had flair for the dramatic, and in 2010, he doesn’t seem to have any intention of turning away from that dramatic persona.

Before the start of his Fall/Winter 2010 show, Maticevski said he was working on “slicing up and segmenting the human body.” His intentions were made evident throughout the show as the brilliant designer featured peacock-feathered festooned bras and swags of fabric layered over a multitude of busy ensembles.

The shows standout was undoubtedly a multi-layered, polka-dot silk chiffon cut-away dress that offered both elegance of color and simplicity of cut. The dress was intricately draped to allow effortless motion for any would-be wearer.

Maticevski’s love of shiny fabrics took center stage, and the featured silk tulle and organza gowns took on different shades of black and muted metallic grays that were often warmed with both gold and silver star and leaf designs.

Like his style or not, Maticevski’s newest creations offer a modern formal look that can simply be described in two words, chic and sexy. His simplistic style is accompanied by his meticulous attention to detail makes his newest line of evening gowns an instant classic.