Love Ball in London

Last year’s annual Love Ball in Moscow was a fantastic gathering of some seriously haute individuals. This year, Natalia Vodianova and Lucy Yeomans, Editor-in Chief of Harper’s Bazarr UK, are set to host the 2010 Love Ball in London later on this evening, February 23, 2010.

The event is proudly sponsored by De Beers in an effort to support the Naked Heart Foundation, a foundation that aims at providing Russian children with safe and inspiring environment to play in.

The Love Ball is a fantastic opportunity to join some of the most fabulous faces on the planet. The Ball features a silent auction event that promises to showcase some of the most luxurious jewelry De Beers has ever created.

The Magic Moment Necklace, designed by Natalia Vodianova, stands as the auction’s centerpiece. The necklace features two heart shaped diamonds by De Beers. One of the diamonds is a 1.10 ct. pink diamond that is seamlessly shaped and immaculately cut. The other diamond is a 3.06 carat white diamond of the highest quality. Both diamonds are set in delicate micropave adding to the texture and depth, and this one of a kind piece is a  true show stopper for any would-be wearer.

Vodianova said The Magic Moment Necklace was inspired by the moment two strangers meet and instantly connect.  The necklaces two stunning De Beers heart diamonds were cut to fit perfectly together to become one.