Louis Vuitton New Expensive Wingtips for Spring/Summer 2010

They are referred to as the world’s most expensive wingtips, but they’re not a pair of stilettos. Though usually known for his monogrammed high-end purses for women, Louis Vuitton has come up with a new line of lace-ups for men finished in waxed alligator leather, which were unveiled for the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

This handcrafted footwear is expected to be priced at around $10,000 per pair and they were made using Blake construction, a shoe designing technique that helps appropriate comfort and luxury into the ornate of the shoe.

The delicate stitching and the subtle patters incorporated in the craftsmanship add a vintage essence to the most expensive wingtips of the season. They are made with real alligator skin and feature refined stitching across the entire structure of the shoe, also visible on the inside.

Not to worry though, these wingtips will never go out of style or break down while you are walking, because the thread with which they were made is embedded in the outsole, making them long lasting, stylish, and almost impossible to react to over-usage, as they will not wear or tear easily.

They have a hand-painted sole and are as soft as a leather glove upon embracing the angles of the foot. The stylish wingtips embrace luxury and comfort and get their name because the toe-cap is shaped like the spread wings of a bird.

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