Los Angeles Soho House Opens March 3 at the Luckman Plaza

After undergoing renovations over the past 2 years, the Luckman Plaza is now ready to house the opening of the Soho House on March 3. Located along Sunset Boulevard, the venue was constructed on the completely remodeled, top two floors of the Plaza’s penthouse.

Conveniently placed above the new luxurious Boa Steakhouse, this membership-only club features a 30-foot-long club bar, a roof garden, an outdoor terrace, and a 100-seat drinking and dining area with a retractable roof. According to la.eater.com, plans to add in a rooftop pool, similar to that at the Soho House in New York, have been revoked.

Neighboring residents feel dismay upon its upcoming opening due to their initial complaints that the venue will create unwanted noise and traffic, as well as effect public safety. Soho House representatives said they would reduce the noise by placing a six-and-half foot glass walls around the perimeter of the building in addition to a landscape barrier. The city made it clear that parking will be located within an off-site location at 9201 Sunset.

In regards to public safety, it is recognized that the plan may increase crime within the area. However, crime is not expected to expand beyond the typical problems already being experienced throughout the existing residential areas.

Supporters Elton John and his partner David Furnish each wrote letters to show support for the venue’s opening. According to la.eater.com, Soho House has been offering gift certificates including a full week stay at existing Soho House venues as a thank you for their support.