Here’s to Your Health at Montage Laguna Beach

Montage Laguna Beach is at it again, this time offering the ultimate way to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with cleansing retreats at Spa Montage. Coming up in April, the 20,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor spa will be the host venue for the Art of Living Raw Retreat. Wellness educator Susie Sondag will serve as your personal guide through a weekend of health and revitalization. In cooperation with Spa Montage’s signature Surrender Experiences, Sondag will enlighten participants on methods for incorporating organic and raw whole foods into a daily diet to purify and energize the body. Don’t have a whole weekend to dedicate to your own well being? No worries because there are three options available for spending time with Sondag and soaking up her vast knowledge of natural healing, though how can you really say no to two nights in the opulence of one of Montage’s oceanfront accommodations?

For the full weekend package, here’s what you have to look forward to with the full Art of Living Raw Retreat ($1,135 per person)

  • Two nights in oceanfront accommodations
  • Three re-mineralizing Thalassic beach walks
  • Three informative Art of Living Raw lectures
  • Three raw food preparation and tasting workshops
  • One 60-minute Surrender spa treatment, one 90-minute anti-aging facial, and one 90-minute aroma-balancing session

 If you can only devote a day to taking care of your spirit, choose your day, choose your topic at the Day of Living Raw ($395 – $435 per person)

  • Select your preferred focus and enjoy a day that includes a beach walk, lecture, food prep workshop and Surrender spa experience
  • Sunday, April 18: Surrender to Cleanse & Detoxification, $395
  • Monday, April 19: Surrender to Anti-Aging, $435
  • Tuesday, April 20: Surrender to Longevity, $435

Busy executives with limited spare time, Spa Montage is looking out for your wellbeing too with the one-hour Art of Living Raw Lecture ($195 per person)

  • Sunday, April 18: Disease & Detoxification
  • Monday, April 19: Regeneration & Anti-Aging
  • Tuesday, April 20: A Longevity Lifestyle: Feel Confident & Empowered

Stay tuned for news of Spa Montage’s special pre-natal spa retreat with Dana Sara of White Lotus Yoga at Cho’s Academy, coming in late March.