Former CEO of Goldman Sachs Pulls a Playground Trick

The general populace has been screaming for metaphorical head of Goldman Sachs for quite sometime. And while it has never been delivered on a proverbial silver platter, the public and private sectors have been doing a pretty darn good job lately painting a picture of Goldman Sachs as the financial devil.

Jon Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and former Gov. of New Jersey, was pushed out of his high-powered position at the financial firm years ago. But for whatever reason (be it ties to dead hookers or insane loyalty), Corzine recently went to battle for his old firm on Bloomberg TV. During the interview, Corzine was able to accomplish something that no current employee of the firm has been able to do which is “halt the discussion of Goldman Sachs as an evil empire once and for all,” according to the Daily Intel.

And how did Corzine do this you ask? Well, he did this by pulling the jealous schoolgirl card. That’s right, he dug deep into his back pocket until he found an old playground trick that he has been saving for just this occasion. The funny thing is, the trump card he pulled might have actually worked.

On Bloomberg TV, Corzine had this to say, “When you’re successful it brings envy …people are extremely sensitive … and since it is the leader of the industry and has shown great success over a long period of time, I think it’s more vulnerable.” How’s that for playground tricks?

Now the ever so raucous public may have to take one on the jaw here. Because if we are being honest, what can anyway say in response to Corzine’s comments? You can’t say that you aren’t jealous because that simply makes you sound more jealous. And you can’t say that he is wrong because he isn’t.  So what are all you Goldman Sachs head-hunters supposed to do now?  It seems the only choice you have left is to put down your weapons and realize that the fight is over. You did not win.


Watch the entire Bloomberg TV Interview Below