David Bouley: Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

It seems as though famed chef David Bouley has more on his mind than cuisine. Reports this morning have surfaced that David Bouley’s financial woes continue as he now faces foreclosure on his digs in Tribeca. The report stems from a lawsuit filed in September by his landlord over $1 million Bouley apparently owes in back rent. Who knew he was even having financial problems? Apparently, exceptional food can be distracting.

Eater New York has reported that Bouley is in major debt, a debt of approximately $2.5 million.  And it doesn’t end there: The Post reported today that, in addition to the $2.5 million, he also owes $80, 436 on his famous restaurant in the Mohawk building.

Bouley allegedly stopped making payments in February 2009 and Bank of America started the foreclosure process in December. It is reported that Bouley owes an extra $105,000 on a federal tax lien and about another $18,000 in state taxes. Ouch, that has to hurt. Not even the best comfort food can aid Bouley now.

Amidst all of this, the famous chef sticks to his guns and claims, “he’s still good for the money,” according to Eater New York (hmm, where have we heard that before?). Bouley said the issue is more complicated than meets the eye; he claims to have been renegotiating his mortgage when he was, “blindsided by the Dec. 11 foreclosure filing.”

What about his other tax woes? Mark Stiel, Bouley’s controller, said the federal tax lien has already been cancelled, as they have a tax credit coming in. Stiel also claimed that any other outstanding state taxes were due to a paperwork error, and the debt on the retail units was part of a bigger dispute with said landlord, who has yet to obtain a certificate of occupancy. So there.

Have no fear, foodies: Bouley is said to be paying the debts he does owe. So there’s your proof nay-sayers. How could you have ever doubted the great David Bouley?