Da Umberto Earns Star Diamond Attention

For several issues now, we have caught up with one of the most recognized forces in the world of luxury travel: Joe Cinque. As our Haute Ambassador of Travel and the president of the American Academy for Hospitality Sciences, Joe has been on the forefront of the trends associated with grand hotels, gourmet restaurants, and established brands both in the U.S. and abroad. His organization awards the coveted Star Diamond honors several times throughout the year to companies that raise the bar on pampering and service. As he explained to us back in the June/July issue, “The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences first planted roots in New York City in 1949 as a restaurant rating review board. Later, when I took over and revamped the organization, we expanded our categories and began adding a rigorous rating system for myriad of other hospitality and tourism related industries including hotels, airlines, resorts, spas, and cruise ships, as well as products such as automobiles.”

Each issue Joe takes readers to some of the most exclusive properties around the world. In the latest issue, we travel with him to France, Italy, the Amalfi Coast, and then right back here to our own New York City. Joe’s fine dining pick for this issue is da Umberto, the Italian eatery that originally opened back in 1988 and sits nestled in the heart of Chelsea. His menu picks are house-made pasta; grilled fish; Porterhouse steak for two; roast suckling pig with wild fennel; and sushi grade tuna with spice rub and salsa verde. As he explains, “the palatable wine list, and a personal touch from its staff, helps to explain why many call this the most authentic Italian restaurant in the entire city.” Tried da Umberto? Tell us about your dining experience.

Look for more of Joe’s property reviews in the February/March issue of Haute Living New York.

Image courtesy of Zagat