Calling All Racers

Readers, before diving into the bulk of this blog, a question. Have you ever dreamt what it would be like to competitively race some of the world’s most sophisticated race cars?  If your answer is no, think back to the time you’ve spent cruising on a freeway with your foot gently pressed against your luxury cars accelerator as you aggressively passed slower traffic in the right lane. Seriously, think about it for a second. If your answer to the original question is still no, well then, quit speeding on the freeway. You’re not Michael Andretti and you probably never will be. But if you have dreamt about it, then maybe you can fulfill that dream.

That’s right Haute readers, here is a glimpse of one of the coolest racing circuits in the world. The best thing is, given a little bit of money and some of your time, you can dive into a Porsche GT3 and test out your Andretti-like qualities on the spectacular Yas Marina Circuit, home of the formula one Grand Prix, in Abu Dhabi. What? “I don’t have the time to do that,” you say? No worries. This particular racing circuit is tailored to fit the schedule of any would-be driver, so even if you have talent for racing, you won’t have to quit your day job to do it.

The circuit has an “arrive and drive” policy leaving it open to all amateur drivers who feel the need for speed.  And though entry to this circuit won’t come cheap, those who do sign up are given a brand new Porsche GT3 cup car to help them follow their dreams.  How cool is that?