Bon Appétit: The Haute 5 French Restaurants in Las Vegas

Joel Robüchon Restaurant

Joel Robüchon is a legend in the French culinary world. His restaurant inside the MGM Grand has been called “exquisite” by some of the shrewdest food critics on the planet.  From the moment you walk through the door, one is transported to setting reminiscent of Paris in the 1930’s.  The dining room showcases all the glamour of the decade, and everything you see, from the tables to the crystal, is as authentic as the meal itself. The decadent cuisine will have your mouth watering. Dishes include the Les Champignon, which is crispy toast topped with cepes mushroom, trembling parsley royal, and ginger matsutake tea. Another house favorite is a the Les Crustacés, which is roasted lobster with green curry. And as the French say, every dish prepared by Joel Robüchon are simply “Trop beau pour être vrai.” Bon Appétit!

Joel Robüchon Restaurant is located inside the MGM Grand, (702)-891-7358