Bon Appétit: The Haute 5 French Restaurants in San Francisco

The city of Paris, France, is arguably one of the most enchanting and quixotic destinations in the world. The sights, the sounds, and the smells of Paris are unparalleled, but it’s the cuisine that truly sets the city apart. Sacred and special, filled with butter, a meal (or even a simple croissant) in Paris is worth a thousand words. If you have ever woken up in Paris then you know of what I write; crisp, light crepes crammed with savory morsels, patisserie windows filled with sensational sweets, juicy, roast chicken that rivals grandmas.  I say, if you can’t join em’, eat like em’. Save the airfare and let today’s San Francisco’s Haute 5 French Restaurants guide you to gastronomic bliss right in your own backyard.

Fleur De Lys

Renowned French chef, Hubert Keller, has been at the helm of San Francisco’s most well-known French restaurant, Fleur De Lys, for over 40 years.  Symphonic vegetable ragout with poached egg and truffles or melodic roasted sea scallops with hazelnut crust with truffle gnocchi and mushroom jus are options that will impress.  And what French meal is complete without a classic Grand Marnier soufflé with orange cardamom ice cream. The décor’s extravagant opulence and the food’s impossibly perfected presentation make Fleur De Lys the romantic destination restaurant in San Francisco. With that said, don’t be surprised if you hear one (or even two) marriage proposals while dining. Not the most creative way to ask, but certainly the most delicious.

Fleur De Lys is located at 777 Sutter St., (415) 673-7779