A Nob Hill Gem Closes Its Doors

Every once and a while, we come across news that is a little sad to report. I know, who likes to read a “downer” in the morning? Not us! But when one of our favorite Café’s closes down in San Francisco, we have no choice but to let our haute west coast readers in on the details.

As suspected back in November 2009, the Nob Hill old-timer, Café Mozart, has finally closed its doors after 31 prosperous years.  Grab the box of tissues and let it all out. We promise things will be okay.

Café Mozart’s owner/operator, Fredy Fahrni, has reportedly wanted to sell his intimate French style bistro for years now.  And recently, a deal to do just that was struck.

Many claimed the Café to be the most romantic restaurant in San Francisco, but now the space will have to be cleared out for the new establishment, Sons and Daughters (See, we told you everything would be okay).

According to the new Sons and Daughters team, they are excited about the upcoming endeavor, and they are hoping for a quick turnaround. A tentative date for re-opening has been scheduled three months from now.