Zingara Makes a Splash in Aventura

Despite the wave of frosty weather that had Miami natives trading tank tops for turtlenecks for these past few weeks, Zingara made quite a splash with the grand opening of their new swimwear boutique. The VIP event kicked off in their Aventura Mall location on Wednesday night with a line out front that was more suggestive of a nightclub opening than the entrance of a retail store.

The interior ambiance only reinforced the vibe. Waiters served peach Bellinis and hors d’oeuvres to a packed crowd immersed in sounds by DJ Dutch. Trendy elite attendees included Aventura Mayor Susan Gottlieb, shoe designer and founder of People for the Children Foundation Lisa Pliner (who was clad in a Zingara original), Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Jamie Jo Harris, socialite Donna Scharer, and reality TV star Erin Newburg. All proceeds benefitted the People for the Children Foundation.

The classy, minimalist interior with clear plexiglass shelving, white contemporary couches, and glass chandeliers served as a stark backdrop for the splashes of turquoise, gold, pink, brown, blue, paisley and animal prints contained in the Spring 2010 collection. Nathalie and Jeaninne Azoubel, Managing Directors & Co-Designers of Zingara (and sisters) brought a piece of their family-owned business to Miami with the opening of their new store, number 40 out of 42 locations worldwide. Other retail locations include Mexico, Chile, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Houston.

“We are from Uruguay and the brand was born there though the fabrics are all Italian and we are based in Mexico,” said Nathalie. “Zingara means gypsy in Italian. My parents started the company and they came up with the name 30 something years ago. They make fun of it because at that moment we were not, but I am literally a gypsy. I am never anywhere for more than 10 days in a row. I go well with the name, I guess.”

The textures, cuts, minimalistic lycra, and soft microfiber fabrics used in the design of their swimsuits were chosen with comfort and flexibility in mind. Zingara boutiques are a one-stop shop for beach and resort wear worldwide, offering stylish swimsuits, cover-ups, footwear, hats, bags, and jewelry for a complete look from head to toe. This location is no exception. Sequined, beaded and linen cover-ups, oversized leather, straw bags, chic hats, jeweled sandals, and interchangeable espadrilles were on hand at extremely reasonable price points.

“Our main inspiration comes from India, though we draw inspiration from almost anything,” said Nathalie. “We may get inspiration from a mosque we see in Istanbul and take pictures of the color scheme. We buy a lot of silk in India that we use in our cover ups and get a lot of inspiration from the colors of the saris. We do a lot of research and trend searching within markets. We work with people from the Philippines and India and used to have some collections done by people living in the countryside that have been doing these crafts for 150 years.”

The collection currently housed in their Miami boutique consists solely of pieces from their Spring 2010 line. Their Summer line will be released in March.

“Our collections are usually pretty extensive and we do at least 12 different prints every four months, so each print is like its own mini-collection,” she continued. “In between each print we have five or six different pieces with their cover-ups and their bag and everything that matches. We’re known for that, for having the whole outfit from head to toe. Everything is hand-made as well. This is more than a store. This is a brand. We design, we create and it’s very unique. You’re not going to find anything like it anyplace else.”

Photo above: Co-Managing Directors & Designers Jeaninne & Nathalie Azoubel at the Zingara Grand Opening Event

Co-Managing Director & Designer Nathalie Azoubel, City of Aventura Mayor Susan Gottlieb and Co-Managing Director & Designer Jeaninne Azoubel
Host Committee Members Donna Scharer, Jamie Jo Harris, Ashlee Harrison, and Lisa Pliner
Socialite and Reality-TV Star Erin Newberg and Model Oshane