Want to Keep a Sumatran Tiger In Your Mansion?

Rare pets are a strange trend among the rich. We’ve heard of all kinds of animals being adopted, but a Sumatran Tiger? The Indonesian government is reportedly launching a program to let people adopt extremely rare Sumatran Tigers. Almost extinct, there are only 400 of these alive today. Deforestation and hunting led to a severe drop in their existence, so the government came up with this unique proposal to help protect them. With a $107,000 deposit, one of these gorgeous pets can be yours. Does this remind anyone of Princess Jasmine with Rajah?

“There are many orders from rich people who want them, who feel if they own a tiger they are a big shot. We have to take concrete steps to protect these animals,” said Darori, the ministry’s Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation. They must be kept in cages with minimum dimensions of 16 feet by 19 feet by 32 feet. “That’s almost as big as my house,” said Darori. “And because these people are rich, they will definitely give them good food.”

The tigers will remain as the state’s property, and can be returned to the state if they are no longer wanted. If someone adopts more than one tiger and cubs are produced, they too become the property of the state.

Not everyone is happy about this unique gesture to save the animal. “It shows the government is not serious about addressing the real issues threatening Sumatran tigers. They need to stop issuing forest concessions,” said Greenpeace’s forest campaigner, Bustar Maitar.

Via: Luxury Insider