Vegans and Non-Vegans Unite! Babycakes is Here.

It’s been said many times before that the only people who get excited and jump up and down about vegan desserts are vegans.  Traditionally packed with all the flavor of a cardboard box, non-vegans with a sweet tooth have been less than interested in wasting sugar-y calories on “carob-chip” cookies.  Well, times they are a-changing.

Babycakes, the famed NYC vegan bakery, has finally opened their doors in downtown LA and they’re expecting Angelenos of all shapes and sizes. When they’re not creating the most adorable bake-shop videos on the internet, they’re busy in the kitchen making cupcakes, cookies, cookie sandwiches, crumb cakes, macaroons, brownies, scones, spelt tea cakes, and muffins all with no gluten, dairy, egg, or soy involved.  Proudly announced all over their website, their baked goods are sweetened with agave, meaning that vegans and non-vegans can finally come together for some tasty goodness once and for all!

The shop, located at 130 East 6th Street (b/t Main and S. Los Angeles streets), can be reached at (213) 623-5555.