The Ultimate VIP Helicopter: Sikorsky S-76C++

Sikorsky has built the ultimate in VIP helicopters with their S-76C++, and with their first customer being the British Royal Family, it’s pretty safe to say that they’ve designed a luxurious and incredibly exclusive helicopter.

Combining modern technology, long-range engines, and the luxury of an exclusive “Silencer” lavish interior, the Sikorsky S-76C++ is receiving rave reviews around the world and it is retaining the company’s reputation for catering to some executives and dignitaries.

Sikorsky is an American helicopter manufacturer that has been the helicopter supplier for the Queen for more than a half a century. Thus, it was almost a natural choice that the Royal Family be the first to get their hands on the newest model which features extraordinary customization options. There are a variety of interior configurations to seat anywhere from five to eight people and owners can even customize fabrics, colors, their bar, woodwork, and trim, among other amenities.

The speed, range, flexibility, and customized options of this helicopter make it one of the world’s premier VIP helicopters.