First Class Foyers: The Haute 5 Hotel Lobbies in NYC

If hotels are for sleeping and hotel bars are for socializing, what are hotel lobbies for? Lounging, of course. Whether you’re looking for a quiet meeting place, an intimate drink or a dazzling background for tea, Manhattan’s finest lobbies offer it all.

The Four Seasons Hotel New York
The Four Seasons is New York’s tallest hotel, and perhaps its most stately, thanks to architect I.M. Pei’s design. From its marble floors to the 33-foot high back-lit onyx ceiling, the lobby oozes classic elegance. The adjacent TY lounge, which overlooks 57th street, is an intimate and elegant place to sip on a cocktail.

The Four Seasons Hotel New York is located at 57 East 57th St. For more information, call (212) 758-5700.