STK is a W-O-W Type of Place

Vowels are taking a heck of a hit this year, with trendy names like MSTRKRFT becoming “it” names. STK at the Gansevoort is no different, and it looks like it’ll go the way of the previously mentioned.

The highly anticipated South Beach hot spot comes courtesy of New York’s Meatpacking district, with a flash of haute glam to the staid steakhouse genre, replacing wood for gleam, and fire for sheen. We’re guessing its tremendous success is what led The One Group to open a sister restaurant down south, as they are guessing the will-be-hot bovine resto will do the same.

The Gansevoort South, located on Collins Ave., is a 334-room luxury lodge that originated in New York as well, and bringing STK along for the ride can only help. It has countless other restos, bars, and lounges, such as Plunge, Pool Plaza, and Louis; it has also enjoyed the star-studded appearances of stars such as MTV’s Brody Jenner, Fergie, Josh Duhamel, Michael Bay, Michael Mann, and Robin Givens.
As is expected, the steakhouse will go heavy on the beef and meats section. However, they’ll also offer an array of inventive sides such as their Parmesan truffle fries, and sweet corn pudding. It’ll also go heavy on the sea and land fare, from lobster to lamb, and everything in between. Executive Chef Todd Mark Miller has created a seasonal menu emphasizing fresh ingredients and local produce, offering Miami locals and international guests alternatives to traditional steakhouse fare.

This 2,000 square-foot chic lounge is already proving that it will raise the bar for those who seek the ultimate in nightlife experience. So, when are we going?