Twilight Bites: The Haute 5 Restaurants for Late Dining in LA

You’ve just stumbled out of Voyeur, it’s 2:30am, the world is spinning just a little, and the vast emptiness that is your refrigerator makes your hunger pangs that much worse.  Unlike New York, LA is not known for it’s all night options – aside from Mel’s Diner, at which the only respectable thing to order is pie.  If this dilemma has stricken you more than once, we recommend you print this out and keep it in your pocket, purse, or make your driver commit it to memory.  That’s because its LA’s most haute late night dining spots.  Yes, they do exist.

Citizen Smith

Located in the middle of Hollywood, conveniently near your favorite places to partake in boozing, Citizen Smith is one of LA’s coziest and still chic places to shamelessly inhale famously delicious Macaroni and Cheese, Sweet Potato Churro Fries, and Cajun Calamari at 1am.  Dark, but wide open spaces with décor that looks almost handmade, Citizen Smith encourages you to sit down and sober up (er, stay a while).  It really does look like your best friend’s amazing house – if your best friend has been to far corners of the world and brought back rough wood tables, mismatched lamps, and an array of brown leather sofas.

Citizen Smith is located at 1600 N. Cahuenga Blvd. in Hollywood.  (323) 461-5001