Momofuku Noodle Bar adds Late Night Caviar

Popular New York Momofuku Noodle Bar has cleverly added a new pricey item on their late night menu. New Yorker’s can now enjoy caviar from midnight until 2 a.m. in one of their favorite restaurants that just got a delicious high-end touch.

Owner Chang has added a full caviar service to his late night menu without much publicity, further upping the ante to make his Noodle Bar stand miles apart from the crowd in the city. The menu offer four ounces of trout caviar for $75, four ounces of hackleback caviar for $200, or both for $265.

In addition to the new caviar items, Chang has also put much more emphasis on the pixe-fixe and composed dishes in his restaurant and less on the noodles, according to Eater NY.

Some are wondering why Chang decided to debut his new luxury item on the late night menu—perhaps as not to shock people with the price, or perhaps as just a way to test out his patrons and see how they react to the addition during a less busy time. Either way, it’s likely that this and any other changes Chang makes will continue to bring in people by the masses, as he’s demonstrated in the past.