Karl Lagerfeld and Ruby Create Helmets

Karl Lagerfeld, the man currently behind Chanel, and the Creative Director behind Les Ateliers Ruby, Jérôme Coste, have joined forces to create four amazingly chic helmets. The four versions first premiered back in Lagerfeld’s Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 collection and the first one covered in black and tweed is already available. With 100 copies made, it’s the most heavily produced version of the quad, and perfect to go with any fabulous sports gear. It’s price? About $1,740 each.

The other three editions that haven’t hit the market are a rare 12 that come in styles like black shiny mink ($6,592) to white rex rabbit fur ($3,960) to terracotta colored fabric embroidered with pearls ($5,541).

Lagerfeld also paid a tribute to his beloved iPod by incorporating a little pocket.

In addition, his vision of a Ruby Woman (below) was made into a 70x70cm silk scarf that was reproduced 500 times for a retail price of $203.

Via: Luxury Insider