Hamburger Heaven: The Haute 5 Most Decadent Burgers in Dubai

With a tremendous variety of luxurious restaurants and specialty eateries, you wouldn’t think that Dubai could also offer something along the lines of the traditional beef burger, unless you go to, say, McDonalds. If you even faintly had such thoughts, the following Dubai joints serving all sorts of burgers, from gigantic mountains of towering beef to zesty creations using chilli and Italian mozzarella, will prove you wrong. You can certainly get a good burger in Dubai.

Rocket Double Burger-Johnny Rockets

The Rocket Double Burger is a perfectly sized burger. You don’t need to have an extensively large mouth or an endless appetite to savor these slices of meat arranged with a chunk of tomato, smoky onion rings and some lettuce on a crispy toasted bun. You will have no nasty dribbles or burger disintegration—but simply savory mouthful after mouthful of burgery satisfaction. Rocket Double Burger is 33 AED.

Rocket Double Burger-Johnny Rockets, 04 368 2339

More Burger-More Café

Now with several branches located throughout Dubai, More Café has become known as an eatery for all occasions including family outings, business lunches, afternoon tea, or for simply browsing the internet in a very homey-artsy-kind of environment which leans towards the French brasserie concept. Having withstood four whole years of not offering a burger on their menu, More Café now provides an utterly mouthwatering cheese-topped burger on a rye bread bun complete with the More logo. The burger arrives with very dainty civilized pots of chopped lettuce, cucumber, caramelized onion, relish, mayonnaise, dill pickle, and grained mustard so that in the end you decide on the ultimate flavor of your burger. More Burger is 45 AED.

Garhoud, (04 283 0224).

Legendary 10 oz Burger-Hard Rock Café
Hard Rock Café’s Legendary 10 oz. Burger is very big burger. The 10 oz. chunk of meat is served with melted cheese, tomato, green lettuce, turkey bacon, and an onion ring which almost outsizes this mountainous heap of meat, bun, and veggies. You will be in awe when this thing comes to your table and you will wonder how  you will be able to arrive at the finish of this incredible hunk of food. Nevertheless, this burger creation is surely impressive. Legendary 10 oz. Burger is 45 AED.

Hard Rock Café, Sheikh Zayed Rd., (04 399 2888).

Chili Cheesburger-Boston Bar
This burger is typically called the “chili cheeseburger” but in certain Dubai circles, it has gained the name of “the coronary classic.” It is a heartwarming greasy burger that drips juicy melted cheese when you pick it up. The traditional lettuce and slices of tomato accompany this burger, but what makes it really special is the added chili flavor which jumps in your mouth and makes you salivate for more—A very yummy and comforting burger. Chili cheeseburger is 45 AED.

Boston Bar, Jumeira Rotana, Al Dhiyafah St., (04 345 5888).

Italian Beef Burger-Bella Donna
If the Italians have been known for centuries for their incredible cuisine, adding a burger to the list of pastas, risottos, specialty carnes, insalatas, and tiramisus, should be an easy endeavor. This burger uses, let’s guess—surprise: melted mozzarella which offers a savory change from the traditional old country which typically gives a burger its extra padding. The buns are big and firm and almost crunchy as they try and retain the tower of meat, mozzarella, lettuce and tomato. In fact the burger is so tall that a wooden spike is jutted into the center to hold it all together. This is a real treat. Italian Beef Burger is 36 AED.

Mercato Center, (04 344 7701)