Dubai’s Ready to Race

Dubai is now getting its own installment of the luxurious, fast-paced racing lifestyle. The impressive city is already current on almost everything else luxury-related but the new $2 billion Meydan racetrack is a new addition, one that’s causing quite the buzz amongst the different communities throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Like everything else in Dubai, the racing complex is completely over-the-top, certainly not to be outdone by any other racing venue in the world. Meydan racetrack can accommodate 60,000 fans and is large enough to fit 22 Boeing 747 jumbo jets. The complex is composed of 10 restaurants, a five-star hotel (of course), an IMAX theatre, and a pool deck for those who prefer to get their tan, rather than their race on. I’m not quite sure why anyone would come to Meydan if all they’re looking to do is soak up Dubai’s glorious rays, I mean, hello, Dubai has some of the greatest beach areas in the entire flipping universe, but whatever I guess, to each his own. As fantastic as this all may sound, don’t go assuming its anything like our Kentucky Derby or Preakness. First of all, there is no betting or gambling allowed, for it is highly illegal and frowned upon. And there won’t be any socialites drunkenly strolling through the meadowlands with Mint Juleps in hand or anything either. In the United Arab Emirates, it’s also illegal to be intoxicated in public. But don’t go cancelling your plans just yet; the fun hasn’t been completely drained. The intoxicated bit is only illegal in public places. Nobody said anything about not being able to kick back with a few in one of Meydan’s fabulous restaurants. In fact, that sounds like the perfect way to escape the heat on racing days. Mint Juleps here we come!