Seal the Deal Meals: The Haute 5 Places to Power Lunch in L.A.

Pitching a new project, especially in this town, isn’t easy. There’s so much to think about: first it’s who you know, then it’s what you drive, from there it’s how you dress, where you eat, and what you thought of the last blockbuster that came out. Only once you’ve passed those tests do you really have an audience with any of LA’s power players. That’s why we’ve come up with a list to rid you of the stress of suggesting a lunch spot (should you choose the wrong one). Here they are: some of LA’s most haute power lunch spots that really show you mean business.

Osteria Mozza

When you want to butter someone up, there’s little that works as well as a touch of la dolce vita.  Before pitching your multi-million dollar idea to a potential investor, wouldn’t you rather order him some Burrata from a Mozzarella Bar or maybe some Grilled Quail wrapped in Pancetta?  He or she will be much more in the mood to accept your proposal with a healthy dose of Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton’s Italian cuisine at Osteria Mozza.  If you can hear each other over the madness next door (and if you wear jeans to work), Pizzeria Mozza will do the trick as well.

Osteria Mozza is located at 6602 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles.  (323) 297-0100