Don’t Drink and Fly: Pinot Noir Festival at the Santa Monica Airport

When it comes to wine, you know what you like and you’re sticking with it.  Whether it’s new or old world, pre- or post-1985, or simply the distinction between red and white, you’ve long stayed loyal to your favorites.  Regardless of how you feel about Pinot Noir, though, there’s a forthcoming event sure to ease your stubbornness.

The First Annual Pinot Noir Festival, coming January 17 to the Santa Monica Airport, will feature wines from over 100 different producers largely from Northern California and Oregon.   While the two “Winemakers” dinners leading up the full blown festival are both sold out, you may want to pull some strings to get on the list – January 14 is a “Table Hop” dinner at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills followed by a “Table Hop” dinner at Sage on the Coast in Malibu on January 16.

The festival, truly the main event, will be held at Barker Hangar (aka where you keep your private jet) and will allow you, for $50, to taste wines from the 2007 vintage alongside food that pairs just perfectly with Pinot Noir.

So put away the Pinot Grigio.  It’s time to cook up some red meat and pour a glass of Pinot Noir – it may not feel like it in LA, but it is winter after all.