Christian Louboutin Barbie

Although this might seem scary, it’s for real. Here’s to teaching little girls to only wear $700+ shoes when they grow up. We’re still not sure what kind of message the Christian Louboutin Barbie sends, perhaps that women dream of stealing Louboutins? We have to admit that her suit is pretty fab, as are the rest of the red-soled heels: the Miss ankle boots, Claudia peep toes, and Altameche knee-high boots. Each pair comes with its own shoe bag and box, just like the real thing. Her red hair, green eyes, and gorgeous pair of gold Differa sandals make this Barbie a total knock out. Barbie comes all packaged in a brown designer box complete with her travel journal, to chronicle her adventures with Christian Louboutin, of course. It’s price? $150.

Via: Luxist, Refinery 29