Cartier’s Les Must Collection Campaign

Those with a sharp eye may have noticed something in the new Cartier Les Must advertisements that is causing a stir in the news. Can you spot it?

Haute Living’s watch editor, Ariel Adams, recently posted a blog on his popular watch website which astutely points out something rather bizarre about the new Cartier Les Must collection ads. At first it appears to be another powerful, beautiful, adorably sweet yet luxurious ad with a baby cub playfully basking in its deluxe surroundings. But then, as Adams notes, something else catches your eye.

On the right side of the ad there is another panther-like pattern…only this time, it’s on a watch. For animal advocates, or people who generally don’t like to associate cute animals with skinned animals used for fashion purposes, this may be a bit shocking. For others, perhaps, it’s a clever way of tying the two things together. Either way, it makes you wonder what Cartier’s thinking behind the ad was.

Perhaps the issue isn’t the panther or the painteresque watch, but rather the entire composition as a whole that was intended to make the impact, and sell the product. But in this day and age, when there are many taboos to be considered, it’s a wonder someone didn’t point this out matter prior to printing.  Or perhaps they did. One never knows.

It’s also pointed out on Adams’ website that “some panther cubs lose their spots when they grow up. So for some people in the know, the watch actually says, ‘I am emulating baby panther fur.’” In Adams’ opinion, “either have the kitty or the fur style watch in an ad, just not both.”

What do you think of the ad? Cute, or crossing the line?