World’s Most Expensive Soccer Shoes Go to Charity

The most expensive soccer cleats in history have just been revealed in England.  In total, the three pairs feature a staggering 7,444 precious stones, valued at approximately $628,000.

The three pairs of cleats were designed in honor of England’s three top soccer players, John Terry, Wayne Rooney, and Rio Ferdinand. Renowned jeweler, Steven Jordan at the Assay Office, has independently valued and certified each pair.

The pair pictured above have been signed by England and Chelsea captain Terry and are the shoes from the 3-0 World Cup qualifying win over Belarus on October 14. In addition to Terry’s signature and the names of his children, Summer and Georgie, the shoes have been decorated with 2,374 jewels and embroidered in red with the cross of St. George etched on the tongue. The studs of the shoes have been topped off with 84 black diamonds which have been set in white gold, and in total there are 27 carats of white diamonds, nearly 11 carat of sapphires, and Terry’s No. 6 is made from white gold. Terry’s pair has been valued as the most expensive of the three, estimated to be worth $219,905.

The blue and white Nike boots pictured below belong to Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and were worn during the Premier League. For $203,616 you can be the proud owner of soccer cleats decorated with 2,576 gems featuring more than 10 carat of white diamonds and 31 carat of black diamonds. Rooney’s famous No. 10 has been molded out of rose gold.


The white and black Nike cleats pictured below belong to Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand, and have been customized with spray paint and graffiti-style artwork by film producer and former musician, Goldie. Ferdinand’s No. 5 has been finished in rose gold, the shoe laces have had their tips dipped in gold, and in total, the shoe consists of 2,494 stones. All of that adds up to more than 18 carat of white diamonds, 15 carat of black diamonds and almost 11 carat of rubies. Like Rooney’s, these shoes are also priced at $203,616.


While the prices may sound extraordinary for soccer cleats, all three pairs are going to be auctioned off for charity at a VIP Launch of Ferdinand’s new “Live The Dream Foundation.” The auction is set to include approximately 1,200 guests and will be taking place on December 16 in London.  Ferdinand said, “This is a chance for me and my England team-mates to do something to help underprivileged children. I mentioned it to John and Wayne when we met up with England and they both agreed to help.”

The auction will feature a star-studded champagne gala which will be hosted by comedian James Corden, and Ferdinand’s special guests will include Robbie Williams, world heavyweight boxing champion David Haye, and many others.

The soccer cleats were thought up and designed by former fashion model and dancer, Luisa Di Marco. Di Marco said, “The boots took six weeks to complete and the craftsmanship of the Embee jewelers is amazing. The charity is being set up to help children develop careers in sport, entertainment, fashion, and media. Representatives from Guinness World Records will be there when the boots are auctioned. Let’s hope we can raise a lot of money and make it a huge world record.”