The Strand Hotel’s Trendy New Rooftop

It is never fun to get all dolled up and have an evening ruin by bad weather-especially during the Fashion District’s most important time of year- Fashion Week.  The Strand noticed the need for a versatile lounge and has recently provided a flexible party heaven for the trendsetters of New York.  Now Fashionistas have a new playground and it opened last week with some spectacular views.

The Strand hotel, in the Fashion District, put itself on the map as one of the only two places to have a retractable glass-domed rooftop. The only other location is far away at the Gansevoort in the Meat Packing District. The spanking new boutique hotel celebrated the opening of its new lounge with a party that left guests speechless from the breathtaking views. Only three blocks away stands the historic Empire State Building.

The lounge is the perfect setting for an intimate start to a fun evening. Decked out with Asian-inspired décor, this is also the perfect spot to mellow down at the end of the night. And no Fashion District building would be complete without some fashion. Gracing the rooms and public spaces are vintage fashion shots from none other than Conde Nast’s archives. If heights aren’t your thing then no worries, The Strand also have a ground-floor restaurant with a cozy fireplace and fabulous sidewalk café.

Not too shabby for the new kid in town. Bryant Park has some great lounging to look forward to for Fashion Week.

Via: Pheed Content