The Best of the 2,009 Top Ten Lists for 2009

There’s so much that this season brings.  For many, it’s debilitating snowstorms and travel delays.  For those of us lucky enough to live in year round sunshine, we tend to use December for more fruitful pursuits – like trolling through the most fun gift guides and top ten lists inevitably found in every publication worth its salt.

This being 2009, top ten lists have a much bigger responsibility than they did in 2008 – it’s the end of a decade that has brought quite a hefty change or two into our lives.  We’ll not wax on about the economy since we’re all well aware it’s not ideal.  Instead, we’ve compiled a list of lists, or a look at the best of the top ten lists.  The LA Times provided us with top ten fascinating museum exhibitions (including: “Art of Two Germanys” at LACMA and the Burchfield exhibit at the Hammer Museum), architecture moments (like the Ball Nogues exhibit at the PDC and the Annenberg Community Beach House), and classical music moments (Hello, Gustavo!).  Today, Fashion Week Daily gave us Part 1 of the top ten Chic Citizens That Changed 2009, which sees Alexander Wang at #7 and the founders of dangerous website Gilt at #8.

Eater LA is asking for readers’ help in developing their Year in Eater 2009 (and they’re including the saddest closures of the decade).  On a national level, The Daily Beast’s regular contributor Meghan McCain (yes, her last name should sound very familiar) has listed the 10 most intriguing people of 2009, which includes General Stanley McChrystal, Neil Patrick Harris, Hillary Clinton, and the founders of Twitter.  One of the more enticing lists, however, should not be opened at the office – the 11 sexiest editorials from 2009 – and can be credited to Refinery 29.  Man About Town magazine, S magazine, and French Vogue all made the cut, by telling their models to take it off this year.

Cheers to ringing in a new decade with a better name than the aughts!

Via: LA Times, Fashion Week Daily, Eater LA, The Daily Beast, Refinery 29