Pierre Gagnaire’s CityCenter Twist

As perhaps one of the most anticipated restaurants to be opened at the Vegas CityCenter development, Pierre Gagnaire’s American debut at Twist is turning heads in all the right ways.

CityCenter has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and out of all the deliciously wonderful restaurant openings that have been popping up over the past week perhaps none has come with such high anticipation as French Michelin three-star chef Pierre Gagnaire’s American debut of Twist.

Twist is located in the beautiful Mandarin Oriental portion of City Center and cost an impressive $7 million to build. The restaurant was designed by Adam Tihany and seats 72 diners on the 23rd-floor lobby area of the towering 47-story hotel. Twist features 300 show-stopping illuminated globes that “float across the ceiling” and 20-foot high windows that overlook the Las Vegas city lights.

Opened earlier this month, Twist features an a la carte menu in addition to a $135 tasting menu.