Listen Up!

I honestly don’t think there’s any one out there who doesn’t love listening to some form of music or another. But are they listening to their particular favorite tunes with the best quality speakers? Probably not. After giving the world ‘Magico’, CES now plans to introduce a brand new “Q” line of speakers, and the first offering from this series will be the Q5. A full aluminum-bodied floorstander, the Q5 would also be compatible with speakers between V3 and M5 of the Magico range. The speakers are priced at around $54,000 for each pair. With a price tag that high, you can be certain you’re getting the sharpest sound ever.

If the price has you worried, an in-house machine shop with six CNC milling machines helps you to customize the Magico with the Q5 economically, as compared to the all aluminum speakers “CES M6,” and if you wish to extend the ultra high frequency response above 50kHz, keeping lower distortion levels and higher transmission speeds, then an inverted dome designed second tweeter by Magico’s is also available with the Q5.

Via: Luxury Launches