LED Cell Rug Lights The Way

There’s a new innovative revolution coming from Dutch company LAMA Concept that is lighting the way for the future of creative and stylish home accessories.

Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel from Dutch company LAMA Concept have created a revolutionary way to light up any room. Illumination has always been an essential part to the design of any space, and now Laurysen and Mantel are taking that knowledge and expanding its application to the floors.

The two have created an LED-cell based flexible carpet, the “LED Cell Rug” which is made from 100 percent pure wool felt which has been pressed and later cut into strings. The fun product is non-flammable, sound proof and water-repellent, just to make sure it’s durable in anyone’s home, regardless of their lifestyle.

The carpet was showcased inside an Airbus where the flooring of a business class cabin was covered with the LED Cell Rug creating an additional luxurious and royal feel to the space. It’s likely that not only stylish adults will soon be adding one of these rugs into spaces such as an in-home private movie theatre or entertainment room, and kids may be asking for one to put in their rooms as well.