Know Your Winemaker: Kyle MacLachlan

They say it’s always best to know where your food and drink come from.  Buying locally grown produce and non-commercial-farm raised poultry are both easy enough to do in Los Angeles.  What about your wine, though?

Someone is now making wine who you feel like you know on an intimate level.  He’s come back from the future and you’ve seen him go through baby troubles and deal with some very desperate housewives.  That’s right, everyone’s favorite coiffed gentleman, Kyle MacLachlan, is now producing a Cabernet Sauvignon called Pursued by Bear.

Let it be known that this actor is well versed in the world of wine.  Wine Spectator has already awarded 91 points to Pursued by Bear, a collaboration with Dunham Cellars in Washington, and the LA Times’ Daily Dish thinks it “strikes all the right notes.”  On the website, you can currently get your hands on their 2005 vintage, but this month they’re set to also release their 2006 vintage. You really know just where it’s coming from and if it’s good enough for David Lynch, well…