Haute 5 Places to Shop in Los Angeles: The Most Dangerous Streets in LA

Leaving the house can always present a challenge.  In LA, there’s always the off chance that you’ll be “discovered” anywhere you go – the grocery store, the salon, an audition – and the pressure is doubled once you have been “discovered” to look your best every time you walk out the door.  Making sure you’re headed to the right part of town to satisfy your most carnal need, shopping, we’ve rounded up the 5 most haute areas in which you can do the most damage to your checking account.  Just watch out for those paparazzi.

Rodeo Drive

This famed shopping drive in the center of Beverly Hills may be filled with tourists (they especially swarm Louis Vuitton), but when have tourists ever kept you away from shops like Chanel, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent?  At this late stage in the holiday shopping game, heading to Rodeo Drive is a one stop shopping mecca – head to Hermes for a silk printed scarf or a gorgeous perfume set, or perhaps a tie of unparalleled beauty from Stefano Ricci would do the trick.  All in all, nobody turns down a set of lazy underpinnings from La Perla.

The shops on Rodeo Drive are located between Santa Monica Blvd and Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills.