Gold Thirst Quencher

As we have continued to recount the gold rush during the holiday season among most manufacturers, I’m sure you’ve already made your list of wants and future holiday gifts. However, after having read about the golden Playstation 3 Slim, Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition, and all our other bedazzled and 18 carat gold finished products, this one might shock you. Gold Water. Yes, that’s right. I used to think buying bottled water was enough, like Fiji water or sparkling water. But this puts any other beverage to shame. The world’s first luxury water is based on 24 carat gold, and infused with anti-aging and anti-stress elements from pure gold. This water is brought to you by Exousía Luxury, and is designed exclusively to allow interaction between the unique 24K Gold exousía and particles of water. Packed in virgin glass bottle, it is only available in a limited edition. The Exousía 24K Gold Luxury Water is definitely fit for kings and queens.

Via: Exousia Luxury Water