Five Gifts for Your Billionaire, Wrapping Not Included

As the holidays are fast approaching the question of what to get for loved one’s floats in the air. If shopping for mom and dad seemed hard, try finding something for a billionaire. Yet these billionaires opted to buy their own gifts to save their loved ones the trouble.  Check out what they got for Christmas.

A handsome butler to wear family livery
We have all heard the saying that good help is hard to find, but handsome help is even tougher to find.  One wealthy city dweller decided to hire a more attractive butler for the holiday season, their only stipulation was that he “that he be able to carry off a proper, traditional look and fit elegantly into the family’s ancient livery.”

A Fleet of Aston Martin Vantage sports cars
Okay if this isn’t out of lifestyles of the rich and famous, then I don’t know what is. In a demonstration of utter decadence, the owner of three Aston Martin Vantage sports cars ordered them for pure decoration sake outside is country chateau. Each of the cars was painted a different color and had specially designated parking spots. Guests of the chateau could borrow them on the condition that they are returned to the exact location. In the horrific event that the cars are parked improperly, there is a handy ruler given to the borrower with carefully measured guidelines to re-park and fix the oversight.

A private Bahamian Island
This gift may even land itself on the list for most expensive impulse purchases. Story has it that a rich man on the brink of retirement spotted the deserted island on a yachting trip around the Bahamas. Local fisherman told him it was for sale and of course how could he refuse.  The man immediately announced to his family that he would purchase the island and turn it into a magnificent Bahamian residence. And so he did.

Apple sauce
Okay so apple sauce isn’t the most expensive thing out there, but leave it to an heiress to take a simple childhood comfort food and really make it an out of sight gift for herself. In an effort to recreate the homemade apple sauce of her childhood, she planted her very own orchard of select apple trees and employed a full staff of veteran farmhands to oversee her very own apple sauce production.  Then during the holidays she hosted a dinner party so all her friends could also enjoy the delicious treat.

A collection of former C.I.A. agents
This C.E.O went the presidential way when choosing his security. No private security detail firms or celebrity bodyguards for him, he carefully handpicked a group of retired C.I.A agents to protection himself and his family during their holiday vacation. The family got to travel the world, through dangerous territories without the slightest care. Their small militia made sure they stayed safe while they enjoyed a Christmas like no other.

Via: Vanity Fair