Carnival Cuisine Goes Mainstream

Most people hit carnivals and fairs just for the food. Shish-ka-bobs, elephant ears, Corn on the Cobb, cotton candy, anyone? To capitalize on this trend, Burger King recently announced that it was going to be selling Funnel Cake Sticks in its 12,000 restaurants to bring that same carnival theme to their menu.

This trend is not new nor surprising, but it’s still a noteworthy way of ending a meal, reminding everyone of their childhood memories. Currently, cotton candy is being offered at Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino, and at Bazaar in Los Angeles, Jose Andres creates foie gras lollipops with wisps of vanilla cotton candy. It seems like a great formula, too-bringing popular “street food” indoors and giving it a twist.

Right now, you can get the taste of the circus anytime at your local Burger King. These hot, crispy, funnel cakes come covered in powdered sugar, with its own icing dipping sauce. Yummy!

Via: Burger King, SF Gate