Bling Out Portraits with Gemstone Creative

Recently, we have been hearing about artists who are adding Swarovski crystals and even diamonds onto their paintings for special clients. Now, Gemstone Creative has come up with a concept to provide ultra luxe bling mosaic artwork to those with a desire for sparkles.

Although the roots of the idea can be found historically, Gemstone Creative took their inspiration from the Moors, the Mughai Emperors and powerful Kings, whose completed mosaics often contained precious stones and gold leaves, and created a bejeweled mosaic concept for their mosaic artwork.

Based in London, Mark Hirschel and Sarah Stultman began the company that would bring this concept to the marketplace. The artists including, Adrian Firth, Tessa Hunkin and Claire Milner are classically trained, have their art in private collections and in international shows. The pieces can be fashioned from diamonds of various colors, rubies, emeralds, sapphires as well as a selection of semi-precious stones such as peridot, and amethysts. They do promise to clients to use only ethically sourced stones in their mosaics. You request it, they can make it happen.

Depending on the size of the piece, as well as the price of the stones and setting you choose can start at around £25,000 and easily surpass the £1 million mark if a piece is made entirely of diamonds and set in platinum.If that’s too steep, they can also make pieces out of Swarovski Crystals that start at a much more reasonable £2,750.

Via: Luxist