Barry Diller’s $100 million Sailing Yacht

The world’s largest private sailing yacht, owned by American media mogul Barry Diller, was seen cruising into Cairns last week. When a $100 million sailing yacht comes into town, you certainly notice, and the Diller’s EOS has been attracting all kinds of attention.

Known as the world’s largest sailing yacht, the EOS, which is named after a Greek goddess, is owned by American media entrepreneur, Barry Diller. Diller is the chairman and CEO of leading internet media company IAC. His yacht, which is estimated to cost $100 million, has just sailed into Cairns for maintenance last week where it is anticipated to remain until January. Diller is currently in the US for work, but plans to rejoin his yacht before it sets sail for the Solomon Islands in the New Year.

EOS is a 305-foot super yacht decked to the max with features such as jet skis, powerboats, and five-star rooms. Chief officer on board, Dave Ackerley, has said that EOS is currently manned by two chefs, three engineers, nine deck crew, captains and stewardesses.

Ackerley said, “Cairns is a good place for us to pull up. No one has been here before and we are employing local help with the boat.”

The beautiful super yacht took three years to build by German builders and was launched in 2006 upon completion.